Nickname:  Coach, Joe Sang
Number:  19
Role:  Grinder, Coach
Position:  Right Wing
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  160 lbs.
Home TownWestborough, MA
College:  Sacred Heart
Last Team:  Sacred Heart
Joe, more commonly known as "Joe Sanj" and/or "Coach" is the founding member and player-coach of the Dangle Pies. He is known for his Regg Dunlop style coaching, riveting pre-game speeches (mainly the Any Given Sunday speech although he will improv), and erotic post game antics such as windmills and excessively long team showers. Although Joe seems to always be away from the rest of the play during a game, my God does he have a beautiful stride.

About Me:

I am very outgoing and love to perform and entertain, whether it be friends, family or on stage. My best monolouge is the Al Pacino speech in the film Any Given Sunday. I played for the Sacred Heart Division 1 ice hockey program all four years. I like working out and staying in shape and I continue to play competitive hockey. I was captain of both my football and hockey teams in high school as well as Vice President of my class. I also was captain of my hockey team in college. I currently work for EMC corporation in the inside sales department and am looking to get involved in performing on a professional level. I have the passion and the will to make an impact in the field of entertainment. I want to be able to touch peoples lives the way that films have touched my own life.

Dangle Pies all-time leader in Games Played.
Joe Sanj once gave a speech in which he stated "Our team is like a Samurai sword..." one knew what the hell he was talking about but there wasn't a dry eye in the locker room. Joe also started a bench brawl in his last game at SHU when he jumped off the bench into a fight that had nothing to do with him.  His cowboy dance at the St. Patty's Day Tournament was one for the ages.