Nickname:  Billy, Boob, Grindtown
Position:  Team Manager, Team Doctor
Height:  5'10"
Weight:  150 lbs.
Home Town:  Norwalk, CT
College:  Bentley
Bio:  The Dangle Pies Team Manager since 2010.  When he's not getting swoll at the local Planet Fitness, he's usually seen in a blue shirt and pink tie enjoying the sweet nectar of his signature beverage - Vodka Redbull.  Was recently given more responsibility in the front office with the scouting department and has a developed a keen eye for scouting talent in the bachelorette party circuit.
Highlights:  As Team Manager, he's unable to drop the mitts on the ice, however that doesn't keep him from sticking up for his team and dropping them off it.  Had two infamous bouts recently, one with a 6'8" Philadelphia shower curtain and the other with a disrepectful tray of cupcakes.