Nickname:  Sieve, Shooter Tutor, Rockstar
Role:  Stay-At-Home Goaltender
Position:  Goalie
Height:  6'4"
Weight:  210 lbs.
Home TownHillsborough, NJ
CollegeSacred Heart
Last Team:  Naturals (Men's A League)
Upon graduation, Matt was heavily recruited by Player/Coach Joe Sanginario not so much for his goaltending prowess, but more because he is a "locker room guy".  A professional on and off the ice, Miller is well known in small town up and down the East Coast for his eccentric wardrobe and gorgeous mullets.  When he's not busy trying to stop endless breakaways, Miller enjoys attending picnics and sipping on Chai tea.
Matt once skated a whole practice at SHU hammered and reeiking of booze without being caught by his coach.  He is a two time Dr. McGillicudy's Give'er Award winner from the 2009 Chower Cup Tournament