The Torneto

The Torneto, Joshie Poo
Role:  Power Forward
Position:  Forward, Defense
Height:  5'10"
Weight:  180 lbs.
Home Town:  Cromwell, CT
College:  Sacred Heart
Last TeamAIC (D1)
Bio:  Do not mistake him for the same guy with a passionate love for bunnies, cats, and other small furry animals off the ice with the Torneto that plays on the ice.  This two way player is not afraid to drop em or display the occasional dangle or two.
As a Pee Wee, Josh was invited to play in the 1994 East Region Nutmeg Games.  Awarded the Darryl Sigleski Memorial Award and Scholarship in 2000 for being a "midget senior player who best exemplifies the dedication, leadership, outgoing personality and skills".  Before Sacred Heart, he had a brief stint at Almost In College (AIC).  Season highlight was his overtime win over Holy Cross.  After being massacred by Sacred Heart, decided it was better to be with them then against them and joined the pioneers.  And the rest is history...
Include sweet handlebar mustaches to go along with nifty top shelf back handers.  Once used shaving his dome to raise money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation for childhood cancer research as an excuse to go to Bradford's Grill and Tavern.  Also was the first Dangle Pie to almost fight in a charity tournament.