15th Annual 2012 St. Patrick's Day Tournament
When:  March 16, 17, & 18
Where:  Stamford, CT
Men's Hockey:  4 divisions A-B-C-D
Friday & Saturday Night Dinner & Drinks
The Ice View Sports Bar & Grill
 Official St. Patrick’s Day Game Jersey
 Awards & Prizes
3 Game Guarantee with Crossover & Final
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If you have any questions, Please call or eMail Marvin Minkler @ 203.968.900x17
Starting Lineup
Joey "No Goal" Sanginario
Josh "Torneto" Neto
Dave "Killer" Nickles
"Little" Mike Sullivan
Trevor "Broomball" Beauclair
Shaun "The Hammer" Stamm
Jenner "Crocodile Hunter" Stagg
Kyle "Stewy" Stewardson
Matt "Kiss" Kisiday
"Big" Mike Lysyj
Jon "Disastro" Castro
Patrick "Sully" Sullivan
"Detective" John Kemble
Brandon "The Meat" Angotti
Tim "Little Sully" Sullivan
Adam Rusiewicz
Matt "5-Hole" Miller
Behind the Bench
Billy "Grindtown" Cumiskey